ALLRed® was founded upon this philosophy: simplicity and innovation are the keys to a truly elegant design. Our greatest strength is our ability to solve difficult technical challenges. We draw from our broad technical experience in product design and manufacturing to produce creative solutions for our customers.

Our corporate motto:
“YES, we can do that!”  If you’ve got a design problem, let’s solve it.

ALLRed® is a creative company comprised of multiple divisions listed below.

DragonPlate Carbon Composites
Carbon Fiber Structural Components

DragonPlate products are designed for use in constructing high performance structures and are simple to work with as they can be easily cut, drilled and assembled for a wide variety of applications. DragonPlate offers a wide selection of standard sizes in laminate, veneer, angle, tube, rod and more.

Element6 Composites
Innovative Carbon Fiber Design and Engineering

Element 6 Composites is an engineering firm specializing in the design, analysis, prototyping and manufacturing of carbon fiber composites. We work closely with clients, applying three principals; innovation, technology, and art to overcome difficult problems in a wide variety of applications to create superior results.

Armadillo Tactical Gear
Lightweight Carbon Fiber Tactical Gear

Armadillo Tactical Gear's primary focus is the design and manufacture of lightweight composite ladders and accessories constructed from carbon fiber. In situations where agility is paramount, weight reduced tactical ladders offer a clear advantage over traditional ladders made from aluminum and steel.

Gemini Musical
Carbon Reinforcements & Tools for Luthiers

Gemini luthier tools and carbon reinforcements are engineered to the meet the demanding needs of the professional luthier while maintaining a simplicity of use. Whether you are a seasoned instrument builder or a casual instrument owner, Gemini Musical products will make your job easier.

Gemini Carving Duplicators
Professional Wood Carving Duplicators

Gemini carvers and accesories are constructed using the highest quality materials resulting in very rigid and durable woodworking tools. Made from quality welded steel and ball bearing pillow blocks that ride on 1" hardened steel ground rods, our products are not only durable, but are a pleasure to operate.

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ALLRed is a trade name for Allred & Associates Inc.